>I'm going to leave the code in the spark branch for now and not merge it
>into develop until we see what kind of response we get on this thread.

The main reason why I'm stick with Flex is because of its productivity. 
We're able to create simple and complex apps in a very fast way cause of the
combination of typed ActionScript and MXML with the ability to create any
kind of reusable components you like, even very fast.

So if there's a real chance to reach the same productivity with FlexJS we
should invest time to create strands and beads and whatever is needed to
make FlexJS the same best in class framework as Flex is ;-)
Maybe it will be a hard switch to deal with strands and beads instead of fat
all-inclusive spark components
but at the end we would like to build performant apps so the FlexJS PAYG
probably makes much sense.

My strategy is to stick with Flex as long as it fits my needs and it is
foreseeable that there is any kind of runtime available and I'm able to make
sure that our users have installed it.
Instead of hoping to be able to compile my existing Flex Apps to JS anytime
I always take care to seperate my Flex views from the logic so that there
will be a fair chance to port my existing Flex Apps to FlexJS or whatever
technology at any time. This kind of port would be also a good chance to
renew getting old UIs.

Parallel to using Flex I'm looking forward to be able to build productive
apps with FlexJS. 
It would be a dream to be able to use all these nice JS libs out there with
FlexJS! So lets try to complete FlexJS more and more by going the FlexJS way
and don't look back to mx or spark.

Just my 2 cents,

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