I just wanted to post, that I have finished setting up a new version of the 
Website. The source is located in the "maven-site" branch of the 
"flex-site.git" repository.

This is a Maven build which produces the Website using the maven-site-plugin 
and the reflow-site plugin to render a responsive version of the website using 
bootstrap (Seems that this is pretty similar to the original version).

I migrated all the ".cmsPage" files I needed to Markdown format and removed 
unnecessary html code inside. I think the code is a lot cleaner and easier to 

Currently the site does look a little different than the original, but I'm no 
CSS guru. I invested about 5 full days in migrating things to the current point 
and think we should start discussing if fine-tuning makes sense (I don't see 
any sense in investing more time and then we decide not to use it)

The current workflow is that you checkout the "maven-site" branch (eventually 
apply your changes) and do a "mvn clean site" build. This will produce the 
website content in the "target/site" directory. Here you can have a look at the 
content which is produced. If you are satisfied with your changes, you commit 
and push them and a buildbot build-job I configured (what was quite a task) 
will run the same build and push the generated content to the "asf-site" branch 
in the same git repo (Currently you should be able to have a look at the 
generated content, by checking out that branch).

As soon as we are happy with the new version, all we have to do is to tell 
Infra to sync the "asf-site" branch with their website repo and the website is 

I also documented the procedure of auto-building the website on the website 
itself as an additional page under Documentation "Contributing to the Flex 

So I'm ready for some feedback ;-)


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