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>Just to join in on the discussion ... I was consumed by the Website task
>for the last few days and couldn't find the time to participate here.
>Are you talking about a cool bells&whistles version of ASDoc for which
>still the static version will be generated? Or are you thinking about
>dropping the static HTML version completely?

I have this feeling (but no proof) that ASDoc for FlexJS would be better
as an app.  Jason sort of implies that as well.  It might be easier to
interact with an app to filter down the APIs than with a pile of static
HTML content.  But if folks want static HTML, what is the easiest way to
generate the HTML?  It is tempting to teach the compiler to output the
HTML from the AST just like we output JS from the AST.  At least that
wouldn't require folks learning about a new third-party library and/or

>I would strongly suggest not to drop this as I don't know a single
>Language that doesn't produce static HTML (?)Docs. I guess it would make
>it hard for Tool vendors to integrate anything fancy into their tools. At
>least simply displaying a HTML page is easy. And when thinking about
>Maven, usually the cool libraries "xyz.jar"(or in our case "xyz.swc")
>usually come with an "xyz-source.jar" that contains the sources and a
>"xyz-javadoc.jar" (I would reccomend to call it "javadoc" even if it's
>not Java as tools like IntelliJ know how to automatically handle them).

Which Flex IDEs leverage HTML files today?  Especially packed into a
xyz-javadoc.jar?  This morning I found a link indicating that you could
pack the DITA xml files that the Flex SDK's ASDoc tool generates [1].  Do
other Flex IDEs leverage that?  That would be a reason to have the
FalconJX ASDoc generate the DITA xml format.  And if we do have DITA
output, what would be the best way to go from there to HTML?  I'm willing
to try to output DITA, but not that interested in learning about XSLT.

So, no final decisions yet, and volunteers are certainly welcome to take
the code in multiple directions.  For me, I plan to spend a few more days
on JSON output and writing a POC for an ASDOC app.  And maybe try to get
DITA output.


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