as we were having a discussion in the "what's keeping the others ..." thread.

I agree that from the feature-set I too am a little jealous. I too see Generics 
and Lambdas as a really cool feature of TypeScript. Most of the others however 
I see more as "Yeah you need that if you don't know how to code correctly" ;-)

In my talk at solutions.hamburg and the talks after that talk I noticed that 
the biggest advantages of our current path are:

- Migration of existing codebases while keeping the general logic and most 
changes applying to the UI only

- The huge number of well established existing third party libraries for all 
sorts of use-cases (Most of the non-ui-related frameworks should be reusable in 
JS applications)

- TypeScript is really new and therefore most existing libraries are max one 
year old and are lacking the maturity the well riped Flex libraries have

- What ActionScript is missing in features, we can extend (and I think we 
already started discussing adding generics support to ActionScript)

- You never know what the big companies do, you can't predict which path 
Microsoft will be going with TypeScript. If they decide they need to change 
something, you have to live with that.

At least these features are the ones I noticed people getting big ears most.


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