Hi guys
We are working on one FlexJS application, it looks like the refection utils
in Flex are all missing in last FlexJS. We had switched to other approach
so we don't need it right now. but here are my questions:
1 The last api document doesn't have classes of refection utils, but some
other Flex classes are also not existing. Can I assume they are
unsupported? But the api document is also missing some top level classes.
Is there some rule to define which class should be included in api
document? It may be very obvious to advanced FlexJS users, but it is very
confusing to anyone new to FlexJS.

2 Is there plan to support reflection later?

3 More importantly, how could I know if one feature is fully support in
last FlexJS without writing test code? Is there some over all document of
what is supported? Again it should be very obvious to advanced FlexJS
users, but to us new to FlexJS, one simple feature list can literally save
weeks of work.

My Apache Flex community contribution is working on the open source
Moonshine-IDE.com for FlexJS.

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