I'm trying to setup a MDL library to start making some components with that
look and feel.
I'm following the Flat library project indications, and right now I'm
building it ok with maven (didn't test Ant, but as a copy/paste from Flat,
I think it should work as well).

Then I tried in a sample project. Again, new dependencies set and mdl
declarations are working, but result is not looking as I expect, maybe due
to some low level constructions that I still doesn't dominate (mainly the
internals in the "createElement():WrappedHTMLElement" overload, that I want
to try to give some love today as I get a bit more time.

Ok, from here,...I'm still trying to understand more things... for example:

1.- MDL requires some CSS files to be linked. I'm using it with
-html-template tag in the example project, but, maybe this should be
provided by the MDL.swc ? if so, why could we do this?

2.- To start implementing components, maybe it'd be better that someone
review what I'm doing (to avoid work in things that not conform to
standards setup here). Maybe I should upload the branch for people (Maybe
Alex, Peter,...) to take a look?

3.- I started trying to make a simple Colored Fab MDL button... (as
described here https://getmdl.io/components/index.html#buttons-section)

and find that using a simple mxml declaration almost worked (it's not
right, only an approximation, since I can't write "low level" HTML in MXML
like an <I> with HTMLElement). So, this:

<js:Button className="mdl-button mdl-js-button mdl-button--fab

Shows a pink circle button, without icon.

My MDL button has the following createElement code:

         * @flexjsignorecoercion org.apache.flex.core.WrappedHTMLElement
         * @flexjsignorecoercion HTMLButtonElement
        override protected function createElement():WrappedHTMLElement
            element = button = document.createElement('button') as
            button.className = 'mdl-button mdl-js-button mdl-button--fab

            positioner = element;
            positioner.style.position = 'relative';
            (button as WrappedHTMLElement).flexjs_wrapper = this;
            element.flexjs_wrapper = this;

            return element;

and I'm using at my example project : <mdl:Button/>

But instead to throw the pink empty circle button as the MXML example, it
shows a normal button as if my declaration was <js:Button/> (the same

someone knows where I could be failing ?


PD: I saw Justin posting about MDL license, I don't want to integrate MDL
in the project, instead, I want to declare external links to use them, if
this is not right I think there should be other methods to be license

Carlos Rovira

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