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>I saw there's a "visible" property for components working in place.
>But another basic property in Flex was "enabled". I wonder if there's
>already something implemented, I didn't find it.

Button enable/disable is one of the features that got me started on the
whole beads and pay-as-you-go pattern.  Many buttons never get disabled
and thus don't need to carry around code that thinks about disabling,
which could include different visuals for being disabled.  And some people
want different kinds of disabled behavior.  Some want to draw the visuals
differently, maybe with alpha=0.5, or some want to blur the visuals, or
some don't change the visuals at all and just overlay the objects with a
transparent shield, or turn off the MouseEvent dispatching or listening.

So visible is baked in because I don't really know of any alternative
implementations for it, but Button enable/disable should be implemented as
a bead, and someone could create a ButtonWithDisable to aggregate that
into an easier to use component.  I think the refactor-sprite might have
one implementation of Disable that you could borrow.


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