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>so let say I have
>so "mdl-js-index-template.html" is the file processed by the compiler,
>file does not have the vars "primary" and "accent" inside (since it will
>overridden) and so this will not be used.
>If I create another file (i.e: index.html) with the same code as
>"mdl-js-index-template.html", but with the vars ${primary} and ${accent},
>will get translated since is in resource folder, but the ones from
>${header}, ${body} will not processed right?

AIUI, ${header} and ${body} will not be processed by the Maven resource
plugin.  I don't know much about Maven, but don't you get to tell the
resource plugin where to put the resulting file?  Like
target/resources/mdl-js-index-template.html?  If so, then you would use
the resource plugin to grab src/main/resources/mdl-js-index-template.html,
fill in "primary" and "accent" and put it in
target/resources/mdl-js-index-template.html then use the -html-template
config for the compiler to have it look in target/resources instead of
src/main/resources and the compiler should pick that up, fill in ${header}
and ${body} and put the results in target/index.html.

Of course, I could be wrong, especially about what the resource plug-in
will let you do.


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