I've been thinking about the complaints I’ve read on this list about the 
missing documentation for FlexJS and I’d like to do something to help out. I’ve 
used AS3/Flex for many years, and I’m now trying to get a hang of FlexJS.

So I thought it might be a good starting point for FlexJS newbies (like me) to 
have snippets for most or all components that FlexJS has to offer, and make 
them useable in Josh’s NextGenAS VSCode extension.

I’d be happy to create the snippets, but I would need someone experienced to 
write a list of FlexJS components as a starting point.

The list would have to be in MXML format and the components could have multiple 
lines, include beads and strands, and useful/common properties and styles like 
x, y, width, height, color, fontsize, paddings, alignments, etc.  Something 
like this:

<s:VGroup id="vg" x="10" y="20" gap="10"
    paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0" paddingTop="0" paddingBottom="0"
    horizontalAlign="left" verticalAlign="top" ....... />

<s:Label id="lbl" color=“0xff0000” fontSize=“20” fontWeight=“bold” 
fontStyle=“italic" textAlign=“center” text=“some text" ........ />

IMO, that would go a long way to make up for the missing docs and allow newbies 
to get started much faster.



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