Hi Alex,

> Thanks for offering to help.  We could use all the help we can get.
> I don't know what your areas of expertise are and how much time you have,
> and I don't quite know how you want to organize the list, but you might be
> able to write code to build out the list of components.

My expertise is in AS3 and Flex 4.6 with PHP and MySQL on the backend.
I just recently tried FlexJS with the NextGenAS VSCode extension and
it was tough to say the least! That’s how I came up with the idea of
using snippets to get people start using FlexJS without giving up
shortly after.

Organizing the list: I would have to see what’s even in FlexJS, but basically
having a prefix (like ‘ng’ (for NextGen)) and then the components
classname. That way one could instantly see a list of all ng???
components to use. So typing ngLabel will list the snippet and insert all
the relevant properties/styles to tab through — better more than less
and then just delete the ones not needed. I think that’s easier than
looking around for a property/style that one doesn’t know about or
if they’re relevant.

Time: well, not enough like all of us ;)  But enough to get this done
as proposed (list of components to snippets). I cannot write any
documentation on FlexJS since I don’t know much about it at all yet.

> If you know Java, you could write a custom ASDoc emitter.  I've written
> one that outputs ASDoc information in JSON format.  Or you could write a
> Flex or FlexJS app to read the JSON files and generate the MXML you want.

I don’t know Java. I’d have to see the JSON file first to see if I can get
the necessary info out of that. Can you send it to me?

> One thing to keep in mind is that styles work a bit differently in FlexJS
> than in Flex.  FlexJS currently doesn't document style properties because
> on the JS-side the components are pretty much going to respond to every
> CSS style that the browser knows about.  I suppose we could document which
> of those styles are currently implemented for SWF, but I haven't heard too
> many folks ask for that.

I’ve been following this list for months and I get the feeling that people are
really interested in FlexJS, but only a few know how to even get started with
a basic app. Hence the idea that snippets (with input from the FlexJS
developers themselves) in VSCode (while not replacing 
documantation) would at least allow people to get started faster. I’ve
struggled with just finding a way to color the text of a label or if I’m even
using the right label component (I think I had 3 listed in auto-completion).
That’s very frustrating for someone who’s just writing a large
Flex 4.6 app alone.

Now if a snippet puts the code right there infront of me then I can see
what properties/styles are relevant right away and even tab through them. 
I know there’s been talk of a wiki page and that would be great, but 
snippets would be more of a hands-on approach. And I think with 
Josh’s VSCode extension there’s a really good combination to get 
FlexJS out of the cellar (no pun intended) and into the hands of 
developers and companies.
I recently had an interview for a contract and I told them about FlexJS. They
were very excited about it and have never heard of it. I was told that once 
FlexJS is ready to go they’d book me for the next 2 years
just to convert old Flex apps to FlexJS!

I mean it would already be helpful if people already using FlexJS to
copy/paste components out of their existing code and adding them to this


> On 12/1/16, 8:49 PM, "Christian Gotschim" <m...@vulcansoft.com> wrote:
>> I've been thinking about the complaints I’ve read on this list about the
>> missing documentation for FlexJS and I’d like to do something to help
>> out. I’ve used AS3/Flex for many years, and I’m now trying to get a hang
>> of FlexJS.
>> So I thought it might be a good starting point for FlexJS newbies (like
>> me) to have snippets for most or all components that FlexJS has to offer,
>> and make them useable in Josh’s NextGenAS VSCode extension.
>> I’d be happy to create the snippets, but I would need someone experienced
>> to write a list of FlexJS components as a starting point.
>> The list would have to be in MXML format and the components could have
>> multiple lines, include beads and strands, and useful/common properties
>> and styles like x, y, width, height, color, fontsize, paddings,
>> alignments, etc.  Something like this:
>> <s:VGroup id="vg" x="10" y="20" gap="10"
>>   paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0" paddingTop="0" paddingBottom="0"
>>   horizontalAlign="left" verticalAlign="top" ....... />
>> <s:Label id="lbl" color=“0xff0000” fontSize=“20” fontWeight=“bold”
>> fontStyle=“italic" textAlign=“center” text=“some text" ........ />
>> IMO, that would go a long way to make up for the missing docs and allow
>> newbies to get started much faster.
>> Anyone?
>> -Christian

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