I’m getting close to the release of my app and I’m starting to think about some 
things related.

I would like to have the option for minified code to have package, class and 
members renamed at compile time. I have two reasons for this:

1. Obfuscation. As it stands, it’s pretty easy to take minified code from 
FlexJS and reconstruct the original code with the original structure and 
naming. Everything is @exported and easily readable. I’d like to have a method 
to rename everything to something completely unintelligible.

2. Code size. I was not sure how much package paths would effect code size, so 
I just did an experiment. I renamed every package path in my app to a much 
shorter version (i.e. org.apache.flex.core becomes fxc, etc.) I did not spend 
the time renaming class names or class member names. Just shortening the 
package paths resulted in a reduction of 509KB to 505KB after gzipping. (Prior 
to gzipping the reduction was 53 KB.) Class names and member names are a 
significant percentage of the remaining code, so it stands to reason that 
renaming those will result in a further reduction of code size.

To be clear: obfuscation is a much bigger drive for me than code size. Code 
size is just an added plus.

I was thinking of ideas on how to accomplish this goal.

One idea was to  enable some kind of metadata (or comments) in the code that 
the compiler could interpret to rewrite the names

Another idea was some kind of mapping file that serves the same purpose.

This is something that should be enabled via a compiler option.

The challenge would be with library code in a swc. Since it’s already compiled 
to JS, it would be much harder to rename things unless it would work using 
find/replace. It seems to me that it would be more reliable if done while 
walking the tree and packages, classes and members could each be handled 



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