Hello Christofer,Thanks for your response.Yes, I am using IntelliJ, how you
guessed it? :) Default bundled maven is 3.3.9 in it.The reason why I am
using older version 3.8 of flexmojos is because there are few issues noticed
while I was using the version 7.1.0. I tried addressing most of them, but
for that I had to use the Flex 4 SDK eventually. It wasn't working with Flex
3 SDK. (Also, I had to use maven 3.2.5 with it, and it wasn't working with
maven 3.3.9. Refer  this
link where I saw similar problem happening with others too.)The last problem
which I was facing with flexmojos-maven-plugin 7.1.0 and Flex SDK was that the SDK 4 had couple of new interfaces introduced, eg.
INavigatorContent. These interfaces were not implemented anywhere, or they
required some sort of modification in existing code. (One sample error was
like this: /Error: The children of Halo navigators must implement
INavigatorContent./). Hence, I switched to older version where the new
interfaces related errors disappeared and I could build project without any
modifications in code.

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