To use the "numBytesOutPerSecond" example, what exactly is being measured?  Is 
there an example app with usage of this metric?

Just to clarify, if I register this meter in BucketingSink, it will be ignored? 
 Does this mean I need to implement my own measurement mechanism in 
BucketingSink and set up a new meter for throughput?  Sample use case is a sink 
to the local filesystem and to cloud storage.
    On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 1:10:47 AM PST, Chesnay Schepler 
<> wrote:  
 All metrics listed are automatically measured, you only need to 
configure the Prometheus reporter.

Note that we do not measure how much data a source is reading / a sink 
is writing (see FLINK-7286 
If you want to measure these you will have to modify the source code of 
the respective source/sink classes,
like the BucketingSink. Do make sure that your custom metrics have 
different names than the built-in ones
as otherwise the will be ignored.

On 13.02.2018 20:37, cw7k wrote:
> Hi, couple questions on IO metrics listed 
> here:
> We're trying to get metrics such as throughput to filesystem sinks.  Are the 
> metrics listed on that page automatically recorded, and we just need to 
> retrieve them?  If so, would BucketingSink be the place to add metrics to be 
> visible in Prometheus?


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