Hi devs,

Since Stateful Functions 2.0 was released early April,
we've been getting some good feedback from various channels,
including the Flink mailing lists, JIRA issues, as well as Stack Overflow

Some of the discussions have actually translated into new features
currently being implemented into the project, such as:

   - State TTL for the state primitives in Stateful Functions (for both
   embedded/remote functions)
   - Transport for remote functions via UNIX domain sockets, which would be
   useful when remote functions are co-located with Flink StateFun workers
   (i.e. the "sidecar" deployment mode)

Besides that, some critical shortcomings have already been addressed since
the last release:

   - After upgrading to Flink 1.10.1, failure recovery in Stateful
   Functions now works properly with the new scheduler.
   - Support for concurrent checkpoints

With these ongoing threads, while it's only been just short of 2 months
since the last release,
we (Igal Shilman and I) have been thinking about aiming to already start
the next feature release (2.1.0) soon.
This is relatively shorter than the release cycle of what the community is
used to in Flink (usually 3 months at least),
but we think with the StateFun project in its early phases, having smaller
and more frequent feature releases could potentially help drive user

So, what do you think about setting feature freeze for StateFun 2.1.0 by
next Wednesday (May 27th)?
Of course, whether or not to actually have another feature release already
is still an open discussion - if you prefer a richer feature release with
more features included besides the ones listed above, please do comment!


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