I like the idea of releasing Statefun more frequently to have faster
feedback cycles!

No objections for releasing 2.1.0 from my side.

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 2:22 PM Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai <tzuli...@apache.org>

> Hi devs,
> Since Stateful Functions 2.0 was released early April,
> we've been getting some good feedback from various channels,
> including the Flink mailing lists, JIRA issues, as well as Stack Overflow
> questions.
> Some of the discussions have actually translated into new features
> currently being implemented into the project, such as:
>    - State TTL for the state primitives in Stateful Functions (for both
>    embedded/remote functions)
>    - Transport for remote functions via UNIX domain sockets, which would be
>    useful when remote functions are co-located with Flink StateFun workers
>    (i.e. the "sidecar" deployment mode)
> Besides that, some critical shortcomings have already been addressed since
> the last release:
>    - After upgrading to Flink 1.10.1, failure recovery in Stateful
>    Functions now works properly with the new scheduler.
>    - Support for concurrent checkpoints
> With these ongoing threads, while it's only been just short of 2 months
> since the last release,
> we (Igal Shilman and I) have been thinking about aiming to already start
> the next feature release (2.1.0) soon.
> This is relatively shorter than the release cycle of what the community is
> used to in Flink (usually 3 months at least),
> but we think with the StateFun project in its early phases, having smaller
> and more frequent feature releases could potentially help drive user
> adoption.
> So, what do you think about setting feature freeze for StateFun 2.1.0 by
> next Wednesday (May 27th)?
> Of course, whether or not to actually have another feature release already
> is still an open discussion - if you prefer a richer feature release with
> more features included besides the ones listed above, please do comment!
> Cheers,
> Gordon

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