No, you will only needed CLA when your pull request needs to be merged.

Note that adding Java 8 support will have quite a lot consequences in FM.
Many parts touched. At least in principle, we should add a lot of new
TemplateModel subinterfaces... given how many types are there in java.time,
that will be awkward. And then integrating all that with all the places
that can now explicitly handle TemplateDateModel, TemplateDateTimeModel,
and TemplateTimeModel. So, yeah, it's not accidental that nobody has
invested into this yet. :)

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 2:09 PM Teun <> wrote:

> L.S.,
> I've been looking into contributing to FREEMARKER-35: JSR 310 support for
> java8 java.time.temporal DateTimeFormatter.
> As a first step only the formatting portion of it, so from Temporal to
> String.
> Do i need to get a contributor license before i can push my commits to my
> forked repo on github?
> Regards, Teun

Best regards,
Daniel Dekany

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