> On Sep 17, 2016, at 5:29 PM, Swapnil Bawaskar <sbawas...@pivotal.io> wrote:
> So, my proposal for issues to be targeted for 1.0 is:
> GEODE-136 Fix possible NullPointerException in Gfsh's 'list regions'
> command's GetRegionsFunction
> GEODE-1466 Branding: rename gemfire.properties file to geode.properties file
> GEODE-17 Provide Integrated Security
> GEODE-37 (package renaming)
> GEODE-1791 (LICENSE update)

GEODE-17 implies:
        GEODE-1569 (add post authorization processing in JMX and CLI commands)
        GEODE-1570 (secure developer REST API)
        GEODE-1571 (Client security should be able to use Resource:Operation 
        GEODE-1648 (Provide ability to disable security for some components) **
        GEODE-1643 (The new SecurityManager need to authenticate the gateway 
sender/receiver as well)
        GEODE-1659 (Prevent misconfiguration of Integrated Security)

Were you thinking all these security enhancements should be included in 1.0.0?  
Seems like that could potentially be a lengthy process.  Does it make sense to 
release at these changes incrementally?

The other items in scope for 1.0.0 look good to me.


** there was a recent discussion on this topic where the suggestion was to not 
allow per-component RBAC configuration: 

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