Hi folks!

There have been some thoughts about resurrecting activity on the Geronimo 
So imo the first step is to find a spot which makes sense. Software doesn't get 
built just for fun. 
Of course if no fun is involved then a project is doomed as well. 
But otoh if it doesn't get used then the quality suffers a lot and the fun is 
gone as well.

So we have a few Java App Servers (just at the ASF), sorted from 
fastest/smallest to full EE

* Mina as Socket Server
* Tomcat as native Servlet Container
* Brand new: OpenWebBeans Meecrowave as Microprofile server 
(Tomcat9+OWB+Johnzon+CXF+log4j2). In a whooping 9MB all in one CLI fatjar btw ;)
* TomEE WebProfile (EE6 and EE7)
* TomEE Full (EE6 and EE7)
* Geronimo (EE6, OSGi)

+ httpd of course (but not Java)

To be honest I've not seen the Geronimo AppServer in production since quite a 
few years. Otoh the components maintained over here are of great quality and 
also an important puzzle part of many other projects. In my eyes Geronio could 
re-focus on becomming kind of EE-comons of the ASF.

What do others think? 


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