Your code should work with the jdk-9 build
because this version doesn't integrate the change that enable 'stronger' 


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> Envoyé: Dimanche 18 Septembre 2016 19:09:13
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> On 18.09.2016 15:03, Remi Forax wrote:
> [...]
>> This one is a new bug/feature,
>> it's part of what we have called 'stronger' (not strong) encapsulation
>> i.e. most of the classes of java.* disallow setAccessible, before that
>> only internal packages were disallowing setAccessible.
>> For your specific bug, you can use ClassLoader.getDefinedPackages() or
>> classloader.getUnamedModule().getPackages() instead.
> too bad, we just got the build before that successfully run our build
> and I fear that we will now have new problems. The code that uses
> setAccessible in Groovy is now pretty flexible when it comes
> setAccessible, but still... well right now we have to see for a new
> gradle fix
> bye Jochen

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