Hi Sergei,

     The new parser generates much more accurate position information of AST 
nodes, which I think will be a good start of Groovy 3. Thanks for your advice 
again :)


在 "Sergei Egorov [via Groovy]" 
<ml-node+s329449n5736075...@n5.nabble.com>,2016年10月12日 下午8:53写道:

Hi Daniel,

I'll repeat - IMO we should fix the parser, not the MacroGroovy code. 
MacroGroovy tests just spotted an issue with the source info (line, column) 
breaking change. However, if we're planning to integrate Antlr4 grammar as a 
drop-in solution, I think it must be backward compatible. Other's AST code 
might break as well if they rely on the source positions.

Thanks for mention BTW :)


On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 3:47 PM daniel_sun <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi dev list,

      The brand new parser for Groovy can parse all groovy code of
*Grails-3.2.0(1150 PASSES / 1150 IN TOTAL)*, almost all groovy code of
*Gradle-3.1(3961 PASSES / 3963 IN TOTAL)*, all groovy code of *Spock(294
PASSES / 294 IN TOTAL)*, all groovy code of *Geb-1.0(409 PASSES / 409 IN
TOTAL)*.  The whole test result is: *tests failed: 3, passed: 19405,
ignored: 9*, you can find the details at

        Now we have the following issues to fix :
a)  the 3 failing test cases related to macro(The PR
https://github.com/apache/groovy/pull/443  can fix them);

b)  2 issues to confirm or fix:
          1, https://github.com/danielsun1106/groovy-parser/issues/11
(to confirm)
          2, https://github.com/danielsun1106/groovy-parser/issues/10
(to fix)

c)  'src/test/groovy/EscapedUnicodeTest.groovy' is writtern in unicode
escapes and stops groovy generating class files, so I commented it for the
time being. IMO, it seems meaningless to test it becuase the keywords are
also written in unicode escapes. BTW, the brand new parser can handle
unicode escape identifiers properly, e.g. def \u9fa5 = 123

        At last, I want to thank* Jochen Theodorou* and *Paul King* who
helped me confirm issues and offered suggestions, *Sergei Egorov* who helped
me fix the 3 failing test cases related to MacroGroovy, *Cédric Champeau*
who offered me a new CI instance :)


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