This is not about interfering with Adobe Reader, but about the Flag in PDF.

There was an article about different PDF tools in a German magazine some
weeks ago (Heise Verlag, c't, issue 11).

There was some information that PDF (since format v1.5?) has a flag
which controls if forms can be stored via Adobe Reader.
Adobe Reader will evaluate that flag.

So this would be a very simple feature to enable it, but...

Regarding to the article, Adobe allows everybody to write tools for PDF
creation, but does *not* allow any non-Adobe-tool to set that flag.


Christof Pintaske wrote, On 06/14/06 00:34:
> Christian Lohmaier wrote:
>> Hi *,
>> On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 09:40:50PM +0200, Giuseppe Castagno wrote:
>>> [...] 
>>> This "activation" is a service provided by an Adobe server product
>>> used to manipulate PDF documents for big organizations.
>>> In any case, even if OOo were added this possibility, there is a clause
>>> in the Acrobat Reader EULA that forbids to use Acrobat Reader to save
>>> PDF with this functionality enabled by other _non_ Adobe application.
> the EULA states that
> You are not authorized to integrate or use the Software with any (a) 
> [...] or (b) other software or enhancement to programmatically interface 
> with the Software for the purpose of (i) saving data locally (on the 
> same Computer), [...] or (iii) saving modifications to a PDF file.
> IANAL but you only must not programmatically interface with Acrobat 
> Reader. Using that feature through the UI should be fine. Otherwise you 
> would not be allowed to use the "save a copy ..." menu entry either. 
> That doesn't make sense.
> bye
> Christof
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