Github user necouchman commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -41,4 +42,12 @@ public void invalidate() {
             // Nothing to invalidate
    +    public Map<String, String> getAttributes() {
    --- End diff --
    So, I think there are two options here:
    1. Don't implement these, here, since `AbstractAuthenticatedUser` 
implements `AuthenticatedUser`, which implements `Attributes`, these should 
already be defined at that level.  If you don't implement them, here, any 
classes that extend `AbstractAuthenticatedUser` will need to override them.
    2. Implement them, here, so that there's a base implementation, but use the 
`@Override` tag so that it's understood those are overriding methods from 
another class (`AuthenticatedUser`).  This means you won't have to implement 
them in every single class that extends `AbstractAuthenticatedUser` except 
where you want to change this behavior.
    Option 2 is definitely simpler, or at least requires fewer changes to other 
extensions, so that's probably the easiest to go with for the time being - that 
just means adding the `@Override` tag for this method and `setAttributes()`.


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