Hi All,

As now HAWQ is being caught up with by some competitors in terms of real use 
performance, and in some cases be out performed, most notably Spark 2.0 some 
queries we can perform faster since project tungsten.

Obviously HAWQ still has the SQL completeness advantage but this also is a 
slowly changing space, where Spark and others are improving.

Is there any plans to start looking improving the execution performance of HAWQ 
further with parquet vectorisation and whole stage codegen?



On the note of the postgres 10 roadmap. Is there any plans of updating 
compatibility / the fork of postgres to later versions (back merging), afaik 
HAWQ is a fork of 8.x which is quite dated.

Im sure already all of these questions are answered/discussed, but it be great 
to get some visibility into the roadmap for these areas for HAWQ.



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