I found this reading through tags in 1.3, but checked in trunk as
well. There is this code:

  public ArrayBackedTag(byte[] bytes, int offset, int length) {
    if (length > MAX_TAG_LENGTH) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(
          "Invalid tag data being passed. Its length can not exceed "
    this.bytes = bytes;
    this.offset = offset;
    this.length = length;
    this.type = bytes[offset + TAG_LENGTH_SIZE];

I am concerned about the last line of the code, using the wrong constant?

  public final static int TYPE_LENGTH_SIZE = Bytes.SIZEOF_BYTE;
  public final static int TAG_LENGTH_SIZE = Bytes.SIZEOF_SHORT;

Should this not read

    this.type = bytes[offset + TYPE_LENGTH_SIZE];

Would this not read the type from the wrong place in the array?


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