The backport of RSGroups to branch-1 triggered the opening of the 1.4 code
line as branch-1.4 and releases 1.4.0 and 1.4.1.

After the commit of HBASE-19858 (Backport HBASE-14061 (Support CF-level
Storage Policy) to branch-1), storage policy aware file placement might be
useful enough to trigger a new minor release from branch-1. This would be
branch-1.5, and at least release 1.5.0. I am not sure about this yet. It
needs testing. I'd like to mock up a couple of use cases and determine if
what we have is sufficient on its own or more changes will be needed. I
want to get the idea of a 1.5 on your radar. though.

Also, I would like to make one more release of branch-1.3 before we retire
it. Mikhail passed the reins. We might have a volunteer to RM 1.3.2. If
not, I will do it. I'm expecting 1.4 will supersede 1.3 but this will be
decided organically depending on uptake.

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