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from..." -- my fault for starting it in wrong place)

A while back, Andrew made a PROPOSAL for 'branch RM's [1]. I like this
suggestion. I see it as a means of avoiding the hell that was 2.0.0 where
its taken near on a year to stabilize (first alpha was last year) because
it has over 5k JIRAs in it; RMs can help keep their branch tidy and free of

Andrew added more to his notion of 'branch RM' over in the NOTICE thread. I
repeat it below:

"​For a while leading up to 1.4.0 I was effectively the branch-1 RM in
practice. Slacked off a bit since, but I'd like to continue with that if
you're agreeable. I think that branch RM role involves informally:
- Keeping an eye on commits to branch. Periodic review of recent commits.
Not acting as a gate on commits and not needing to be pinged or in the loop
for every commit, except perhaps for short periods of time around branching
for new minors.
- Keeping an eye on test stability. Undertaking get well projects like
bisecting and reverting offending commits to resolve test suite decay.
- Periodically kicking off new minor releases. Depends on branch and need
for what's on deck."

Interested in what folks think.


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