How does this impact the size of our releases and artifacts? Is that
already addressed on one of the issues?

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 4:05 PM, Sean Busbey <> wrote:

> Hi folks!
> I've got 4/5 of the subtasks under HBASE-20331 "clean up shaded
> packaging for 2.1" wrapped up and ready if folks could take the time
> to review.
> The current set of commits all build on each other, there are 5 in total:
> * HBASE-20332 shaded mapreduce module shouldn't include hadoop
> * HBASE-20333 Provide a shaded client that allows downstream to
> provide Hadoop needs.
> * HBASE-19735 Create a client-tarball assembly (a change from Josh
> that I have +1ed and will push with these)
> * HBASE-20615 emphasize use of shaded client jars when they're present
> in an install
> * HBASE-20334 add a test that verifies basic client and MR integration
> In total, these patches make it so that out of the box folks will drop
> the number of dependency jars they see at runtime from ~430 to ~280.
> If folks turn off our default "also add everything from 'hadoop
> classpath' feature, then the number of jars goes from 159 to 10.
> (personally I think that hadoop classpath thing is a misfeature, but
> I'm trying to keep the scope from creeping here.)
> The changes also include new nightly tests that make use of the jars
> to interact with a standalone cluster.  On Hadoop 3 it verifies doing
> this using Hadoop's client-facing shaded artifacts which further
> improves the lives of our downstream users.
> If folks would prefer to see the sum of the patches instead of working
> through applying them, there's up on a feature branch for the umbrella
> HBASE-20331:
> shortlog;h=refs/heads/HBASE-20331
> Nightly currently has an example run of the test:
> HBase%20Nightly/detail/HBASE-20331/45/pipeline/100
> 20331/45/artifact/output-integration/
> Please take a look.
> -busbey

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