Hi folks!

Consider this the start of my release manager duties for HBase 3.0.0.

HBase 2.0 started alpha releases in Jun 2017 and went GA in April
2018. I'd like to start alpha releases for HBase 3.0 next week and aim
for a GA in December or January.

As RM, I consider the alpha releases a chance for folks to shake
things out and for us to decide as a community what makes it in or not
for the release line. Once things start being labeled beta, I would
like things to be feature frozen. My current goal is to set beta in
May or June.

I would like HBase 3.0 to be the start of us getting into practice on
tighter iteration cycles for major versions. 2.5 years is too long. We
should try to look at our version numbers as akin to Linux kernel
version numbers. Something useful to those interested in the internals
of the project but not something where most downstream users have to
dread major bumps. To that end I would like HBase 3.0 to be rolling
upgradable from HBase 2.y at GA. Ultimately, I would like to update
our reference guide's section on compatibility to state that future
major releases will similarly be rolling upgradable from some minor
release of the prior major release line.

Given my desire to make major upgrades less of a world changing event
for our downstream folks, I also don't have any new features that I
feel strongly need to make it into HBase 3.0. I'll do a review of
what's currently there so we can motivate folks, but I won't do that
until we're ready to declare beta since that will be when I'll have a
better idea of what's actually ready to ship.

With the major version change I'd like us to shed some maintenance
burden in the project. For each of these, doing that will require
getting a branch-2 release out that can successfully opt-in to the
HBase 3 requirement and run on the current HBase 2 requirement. That
way folks can do a rolling restart within HBase 2 to make the change,
then do a rolling upgrade to HBase 3.

= Hadoop 3 only

The Hadoop community's focus increasingly is on Hadoop 3.y releases. A
substantial amount of our dependency handling is tied to trying to
span both Hadoop 2 and Hadoop 3. I would like us to drop Hadoop 2
entirely. I think branch-2 is currently in a place where running on
Hadoop 3 is reasonable.

= JDK11+

We've been bending over backwards on jdk versions for a while. Maven
build sets up for multiple jdk builds are a PITA and our existing
build is already too complicated. I'd like us to get branch-2 into a
solid state for running on either JDK8 or JDK11 so folks can do
production upgrades on those releases. I'd like HBase 3 to be jdk11+
only so that we can reduce our test footprint in the project and start
to entertain features that don't work with jdk8. For example, we can't
start to figure out how we should fit in the module system as things

= No more Log4j 1

We got through 95% of the work to make our logging system pluggable,
but we still ship with log4j 1 as the out of the box solution. I want
HBase 3 to ship with some other slf4j backend and I want that same
backend to be a realistic option for branch-2 users to deploy in

= Minimize Hadoop needs

I would like to isolate the things we have that reach into Hadoop
internals so that we can ease the logistics of changing the Hadoop
version we run on and minimize the extra stuff we carry around for
those who don't run on Hadoop at all. This will involve moving the
stuff we have that reaches into internals into one or more module(s)
and updating our artifacts so that we can tell where our hadoop
related dependencies are in an installation.

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