And here are the brief notes for today's meeting:

* - Maosong needs to contact with Apache admin about github to
apache/github.- After code migration is done, we are going to follow apache
release process- Sree is following up on the site and documentations- A few
bug fixes on k8s support were merged and will be included in the new
release.- Dhalion testing is ongoing in Microsoft- SQL API is ongoing,
More Dhalion metrics are being added (Twitter internal feedback/requests)-
Data rate limiting is on going. Will be hooked up with runtime config. In
future some automation might be possible. It could also be related to auto
scaling. To document after it is stabilized.- First meetup date/time. Late
April, Sree is talking to some meeting groups such as <>- Slack/email
integration is ongoing (almost ready)*
Meeting notes are tracked here:

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 11:00 AM, Karthik Ramasamy <>

> Will be happening today at 2.00 pm PST. Please use the following hangout
> link
> heron-sync?authuser=0
> See you all then.
> cheers
> /karthik

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