And here are the brief meeting notes:

* - About the meetup event, please DON'T tweet it. OSS wants it to be more
community oriented and there are also security concerns. Also users need to
register from another site (full name is not requested in meetup but
required by security).- Heron is in Apache now and more updates are
ongoing- Going to have our first apache release (0.20.0). Need to create a
TODO list (maven repo, python, single line license, etc)- More works with
apache infra (ning), and apache website (sree).- Need committers will need
to go through the voting process.- Trying to make stateful processing and
effective once to be used in Twitter’s production topologies- Dhalion v2-
Clean up packages used in Heron (scribe is the last one)- Retire some
schedulers (put aside, not in the heron build). How can users use them if
they need to? Need to figure out a plugin system in future.- Package
renaming is going on. As well as publishing to multiple repos.- Increase
community size (blogs, etc)- We may add some simple connectors in Heron.-
Scala API on the last part and documentation- Some ML features in streamlet
API is ongoing (early stage)*

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 1:35 PM, Ning Wang <> wrote:

> The bi-weekly Heron OSS sync meeting will be happening today at 2.00 pm
> PST. Pl ease use the following hangoutlink to join.
> ?authuser=0
> See you all then.

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