Hey all!

Around friday I've made a small change: and enabled daily repo scanning of apache/hive; it picked up ~80 pending prs for testruns - during the weekeng it was able to finish with all of them :)
The periodic repo scanning adds an extra safety net which could help mitigate 
issues in case the PR event was lost for some reason.


On 5/30/20 4:15 PM, Zoltan Haindrich wrote:
Hey All,

The new test executor will pick up any PR which doesn't yet have a test result - now that the patch is on the master; every PR which is mergeable with the master branch is a good candidate - so the right move would be to clean up our PR backlog.

I would like to ask everyone to look at https://github.com/apache/hive/pulls
and close some PRs which are already submitted or just leftovers from - 
primarily I would ask you to look at PRs opened by yourself...


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