Thanks for putting this up, Mike!


* verified signature and checksums.
* built from source and ran tests by "mvn install -Pnative", including htraced.
* built site documentation by "mvn site".
* built branch-2.8 of Apache Hadoop against htrace-4.2.0-incubating,
  verified that the tracing works in HDFS by using htraced.

# Building trunk of hadoop against htrace-4.2.0-incubating has hadoop-side issue.
# I filed HDFS-10871 for it.

Masatake Iwasaki

On 9/17/16 08:26, Colin McCabe wrote:
Great work, Mike!  And thanks for helping with the permissions issues,

I would also add that this release also fixes some build frustrations
for users of jdk8 (the javadoc linting warnings were breaking the build
for them).

* Checked md5sum
* Did a clean build with jdk8 and ran all unit tests
* Ran htraced locally and looked at the web UI a bit.

I did encounter when
doing a quick test on this release.  It's an existing bug, so I don't
think it merits a new R  But if we do do a new RC, it would be nice.



On Thu, Sep 15, 2016, at 20:58, Mike Drob wrote:
HTrace devs,

I've posted the first release candidate here:

Signed by my key, available here:

The jars have been staged

Signed by Stack's key, available here:

These artifacts are based on commit 7c0ae16 available in the git

There's a lot of great stuff in this release, including:
  * Improved developer documentation and javadocs
  * Bug fixes to correct TraceRunnable/Callable construction pulling
incorrect values.
  * A tracing wrapper around SchedulerExecutorService

Full release notes available at:

Please vote one of:
[ ] +1 - I have verified and accept...
[ ] +0 - I have reservations, but not strong enough to vote against...
[ ] -1 - Because..., I do not accept...
... these artifacts as the 4.2.0-incubating release of Apache HTrace.

The vote will run for 5 days, ending Tuesday, September 20 23:59:59 US
Eastern Time.


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