Jim Jagielski wrote:

I guess it depend on what we mean by "healthy"... We could
ping the socket and make sure there's a response at the network
stack layer, which would be protocol agnostic. Or, each
proxy module would need to implement some protocol specific
"ping/pong" test.

Right, the cping/cpong is a missing feature.
I didn't implement it initially because it existed only
for ajp protocol, so a common mechanism should be used
perhaps a socket liveness test on ftp/http and standard
cping/cpong messages on ajp.

Of course, there is a growing school of thought that questions
whether the whole AJP stuff itself is worthwhile... just
proxy HTTP and be done with it. :)

If some day we implement the http-ng and web-mux then
ajp will be obsolete. Until that it performs much faster
when compared to http (with some limitations).
We have some protocol enhancements on the schedule, like
programmable message size, graceful shutdown, client
break notification, and local headers, that will preserve
backward compatibility with AJP/1.3.

Anyway, I've done some testing and mod_proxy_ajp works at
least as well as mod_jk...

Same here :)
The balancer misses few features from mod_jk that would
be great to have, like hot standby and a new bybussines
lb method.


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