William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

The two files below are part of the httpd-2.2.9-win32-src.zip file package,
which has been uploaded to httpd.apache.org/dev/dist/ (and should show up
sometime shortly when the server syncs).  The README-win32.txt will also
be added to the binary distribution (msi) for dbd driver instructions.

We would also place this .patch in patches/apply-to-2.2.9/ for clarity.

Actually the patch is even simpler, my mistake (I discovered that the extra
changes to apr.hw are simply unnecessary).

Final proposed patch attached.

Looks good.   I'll give it a test when it shows up on /dev/dist

FYI - the MySQL driver seems to build OK if it is linked with libmysql.lib 
instead of

libmysql.lib is usually in {mysql}\lib\opt on Windows.

It needs {mysql}\bin\libmysql.dll at runtime.


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