APR 1.3 will require a code change in Windows modules which launch FastCGI programs using apr_proc_create. They will need to use the new APR_NO_FILE attribute. This doesn't affect any other platforms AFAIK.

        apr_procattr_io_set(attr, NULL, APR_NO_FILE, APR_NO_FILE);

This was pretty well discussed last September per bug 43329, so hopefully most module authors (mod_fastcgi, mod_fcgid, etc.) have prepared for it. There's always the option of falling back to APR 1.2 for anyone who cannot get an updated Windows FastCGI module, so this shouldn't be too big a problem.

Back in September we didn't expect APR 1.3 until Apache 2.4, so we may want to call some attention to this when the Windows 2.2.9 binaries get released. Maybe even offer an optional APR 1.2 download to let users fall back easily, since most Windows users don't build Apache from source.


Jim Jagielski wrote:
Test tarballs for Apache httpd 2.2.9 are available at:


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