I hope this is the right place for it:

for an upcoming customer project I need ALPN/NPN support in apache 2.4.x. There 
is a (reopened) ticket with patch for this 
(https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52210) that was started on 
2.2.x The patch is applied with slight variation to trunk, but not in 2.4.

For my own work, I made a patch of your NPN trunk changes alone, applicable to 
the 2.4.x mod_ssl sources. If interested, I am happy to supply this to you. 
Getting a 2.4 release with this in it, would make my work easier.

As you can read on the discussion on the ticket and are probably aware of, ALPN 
replaces NPN and NPN will go away. Better sooner than later. However that 
should not really matter to modules using mod_ssl, as functionality and 
negotiated protocol names stay the same. So, ALPN can replace NPN inside 
mod_ssl without callbacks being affected.

I plan to enhance the NPN patch for mod_ssl with ALPN support, testing the 
openssl capabilities in a similar way. That will result in mod_ssl using ALPN 
instead of NPN when the underlying openssl supported it (compile time) and use 
NPN otherwise (if there). This will allow 2.4 modules to start using protocol 
negotiation while the underlying mechanism migrates.

If interested, I will supply the ALPN patch to you. If you have opinions about 
changing the name of the callback from "modssl_register_npn" to 
"modssl_register_alpn", please let me know.



PS. In discussion with openssl developer Rich Salz, I learned that release 
plans are as follows:
- ALPN support is in 1.0.2, currently beta, to become full release in "one or 
two weeks"
- ALPN support is not in 1.0.1, backport *may* be possible, if someone shows 
real interest

PPS. Rich also mentioned that they are working with libre on a common, 
simplified API. If someone from apache httpd is interested to learn more about 
this, he should contact him. Might be productive to have also the user side 
looking into this.

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