Am 19.09.2016 um 16:14 schrieb Evgeny Kotkov:
Eric Covener <> writes:

Wow! This is great stuff. Brotli support has been in my TODO
queue for awhile.


+1, cool stuff and thanks!

Glad to hear that, thanks everyone.

I would be happy to continue the work on this module, for instance, by
adding the necessary documentation and the ability to log compression ratio

just an idea - wouldn't it make sense to add 'br' support for mod_deflate and have it preferred when the client says in it's request headers that it supports the encoding instead having two modules for the same thing just using different comrepssion algos?

if not i am fine and grateful too - though about that again after considering how to include it and prefer mod_brotli over mod_defalte for clients whcih support it while mod_deflate is still needed for old clients only knowing about gzip/deflate

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