that still happens with 2.4.25

"killall httpd 2> /dev/null" in a script starting a temporary httpd for php-pgo-profiling since it's a SIGTERM should not leave them and finally fail after enough runs to allocate shm segment for auth_digest until you reboot

 killall httpd 2> /dev/null
 sleep 2
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/php.ini"
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/httpd.conf"
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/logs/sess_"*
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/logs/authdigest"*
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/logs/"
 rm -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/logs/modsec"*

the 256 bytes are pretty clear from "AuthDigestShmemSize 256"

$HTTPD_BINARY -X -f "$PROFILE_ROOT/httpd.conf" to make sure there is only one httpd process should not take longer than the 2 seconds sleep given that it handles 1500 serial requests within 10 seconds before

[builduser@testserver:/rpmbuild/PHP-PGO]$ ipcs -m

------ Shared Memory Segments --------
key        shmid      owner      perms      bytes      nattch     status
0x661403ad 0          root       600        1000       2
0x151450bd 32769      root       600        1000       6
0x0121019a 65538      builduser  600        256        0
0xc121019a 98307      builduser  600        256        0
0x8621019a 131076     builduser  600        256        0

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