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> These modules, they grow up so fast...
> For the project, it would be good to drop that "experimental" and 
> treat HTTP/2 as an integral part of httpd. Not only for political
> posturing (which is important), but also for very technical reasons.
> Looking at https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/ce-http2/all/all
> one can see that HTTP/2 is used by 13% of all sites, which is almost
> double from 1 year ago. Firefox telemetry reports HTTP/2.0 now 
> on 35% of all responses received.
> What needs to be done?

I would say what needs to be done is make it a solid and viable HTTP2 
implementation, declare it non-experimental and let it fly.

> From what I saw in the last two years, these 
> are key areas to improve:
>  1. separation of semantics and serialisation
>  2. connections with >1 requests simultaneously
> mod_http need to spin off a mod_http1 with the parts that read
> and write headers, handle chunked encoding in requests
> and responses. etc.
> mpm needs facilities for processing slave connections and assign
> its resources to slave/master connections in fair and performant
> ways.

These are great to have for httpd v2.6 - let’s develop these above there.


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