Hi Gregg,

Gregg Smith in gmane.comp.apache.devel (Tue, 25 Apr 2017 18:23:50
>Actually, I'll test here in a while and commit tomorrow.

Quote from modules/filters/mod_brotli.dsp

> +# ADD LINK32 kernel32.lib brotlicommon.lib brotlienc.lib /nologo 
> /subsystem:windows /dll /incremental:no /debug /out:".\Release\mod_brotli.so" 
> /libpath:"../../srclib/brotli" 
> /base:@..\..\os\win32\BaseAddr.ref,mod_brotli.so /opt:ref

The dsp seems to be missing a reference to libapr-1.lib,
libaprutil-1.lib and libhttpd.lib, which is present in the

+LINK32_FLAGS=kernel32.lib brotlicommon.lib brotlienc.lib /nologo
/subsystem:windows /dll /incremental:no /pdb:"$(OUTDIR)\mod_brotli.pdb"
/libpath="../../srclib/brotli" /debug /out:"$(OUTDIR)\mod_brotli.so"
/base:@..\..\os\win32\BaseAddr.ref,mod_brotli.so /opt:ref 
+       "$(INTDIR)\mod_brotli.obj" \
+       "$(INTDIR)\mod_brotli.res" \
+       "..\..\srclib\apr\Release\libapr-1.lib" \
+       "..\..\srclib\apr-util\Release\libaprutil-1.lib" \
+       "..\..\Release\libhttpd.lib"

When I converted the dsp to mod_brotli.vcxproj it did not compile
because of missing symbols like __imp__apr_bucket* or something like

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