William A Rowe Jr in gmane.comp.apache.devel (Fri, 28 Apr 2017 10:30:03
>You might have missed my thought here... suggesting that the CMake
>not-so-experimental build become recommended for users who want to
>build all the modules in one go including the new mod_brotli.

People like Steffen, Gregg and me disagree with you on making CMake the
only way for building Apache and all the modules in one go.

>It sounds like you attempted to export mod_brotli.dsp to a vcproj all
>on it's own which has never been possible.

It is perfectly possible. That is how I added mod_fcgid and now
mod_brotli to my existing Apache 2.4.25 sln. Convert to vcproj (VC9) or
vcxproj (VC11/VC14), add the x64 configuration, add the vc(x)proj as an
existing project to Apache.sln. I am doing the same thing when mod_http2
changes the headers or sources.

For 2.4.next I will convert Apache.dsw once again and add mod_fcgid

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