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> > override index: add deps and exclude from all-modules list
> I found it a little weird that the XSLT dependencies aren't part of the
> httpd project, but exist in a separate repo... it doesn't seem like
> 2.x.y and trunk should be required to have the same dependency graph, or
> even the same processing scripts. And anyone who forgets to do an `svn
> up` in their build directory is likely to break things after my commits
> today.

Well... It was a split-project back then (in CVS even... :-)). I'm also not 
sure we want all those jar files and stuff in the main repo. Most people 
neither use nor need it.

Note that once the changes are finalized, you can run `build tools` and upload 
the package to dist/docs

IMHO as long as we can maintain it as a single toolset, we should keep it that 
way (we can also change behaviour based on the version property).

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