[Re-cc'ing docs. Sorry.]

 On 05/05/2017 01:34 AM, André Malo wrote:
Well... It was a split-project back then (in CVS even... :-)). I'm
also not
sure we want all those jar files and stuff in the main repo. Most people
neither use nor need it.

I don't mind having the binaries in a separate place, so much as I mind
having the text-based stuff there that's tightly coupled to the rest of
the documentation and code. What we have right now is equivalent to
putting your project's Makefile into a separate repository and then
trying to make sure it works correctly for every branch at once.

Note that once the changes are finalized, you can run `build tools`
and upload
the package to dist/docs

Ah, so there's a dist package for people who can't check out docs-build?
If we moved some files out of docs-build into httpd, would that affect
them negatively?

To put it another way: if we were to move all the text files and scripts
from the docs-build root directory into a docs/manual/build folder in
httpd, and left the docs-build lib folder that has all the third-party
dependencies and jars and stuff (so that you still had to sync that down
from SVN), would there be any downsides compared to today?


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