That sounds like a simple feat for mod_md, since it scans and
collects that information already.

> Am 30.11.2017 um 04:08 schrieb Eric Covener <>:
> At $dayjob I am seeing a lot of users running scans that flag any HTTP
> response that incorporates the Host header into the response as
> "vulnerable", even if the host is syntactically valid.
> AIUI the standard solution is to create a default NVH for each
> host:port combo to trap unknowns and use it to return an error.  But
> this is a lot of work.  Rewrite has its own baggage (add it global,
> add it to each VH, add it before other rewrites)
> (things like proxy and CGI/PHP mean UseCanonicalName is insufficient)
> Nothing currently crawls all ServerName/ServerAlias, becuase we always
> select the best IP-based match firs then compare strings from the
> result.
> Is anyone else interested in another way to configure this? Would you
> want to crawl all servername/serveralias when enabled or pass in a
> separate whitelist to a new directive?  With the latter, you could at
> least make sure the e.g. * showed up without checking the
> gory details.
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> Eric Covener

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