On 12/04/2017 08:16 AM, Stefan Eissing wrote:
Not much input regarding this naming change. Personally, I like to keep 
'<ManagedDomain' as is.

I propose the following changes:

1. The simple, single line 'ManagedDomain' will be renamed to 'MDGroup'
2. The not so intuitive differences between 'MDMember' and 'MDMembers' will be 
solved by removing the 'MDMembers' directive. 'Auto' membership is now always 
the default mode and can no longer be changed globally. 'Manual' membership 
mode must be set explicitly for every MDGroup/ManagedDomain that shall behave 
like that.
3. 'MDStoreDir' will be renamed to 'MDStore' to leave room for future, non-file 
based storage methods.
4. 'MDCAChallenges' will be renamed to 'MDCertificateChallenge' to have the 
same prefix as other directives for the signup/renewal protocol
5. 'MDPrivateKeys' will be renamed to 'MDPrivateKey' as it was the last one 
that used a plural wording.

If no one objects, I will do the changes in the upcoming days.


Sounds good to me.

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