Luca says: ....executing scripts in response to an event ....

I hope you are aware of the MDNotifyCmd, which is executing a script on the event that a renew is OK. I am not a coder: for me looks it not that difficult to make an Else statement when it is NOT_OK. To notify on error is much more needed then notify on all fine.

Luca says: ....get all the feedback from a broader users community (the one testing latest 2.4.x versions)....

We have quite a base of early adopters, my comments/testing/requests/behaviors are mostly based on the feedback from them who trying to run on the latest versions. Sadly enough there are users that are stopping, mostly for them it is not that easy to understand, special on errors. Also some do not see an added value over for example certbot or letsencrypt-win-simple, a typical feedback is at .
Time for us to advertise the add value over them.


On Wednesday 13/12/2017 at 14:19, Luca Toscano  wrote:

Hi Steffen,

2017-12-12 19:20 GMT+01:00 Steffen <>:

Your advise is that I stop testing/ helping ? Please answer this question. If yes, then I have to remove the test mod_md download from Apache Lounge and cannot give anymore support there to the users I represent. Do not under estimate the many users that are testing via me, not only windows.

Please don't ask these questions, we all value the ton of time that you are spending in giving user feedback for mod_md, nobody will ever ask you to stop trying to improve httpd :)

Am 12.12.2017 um 16:19 schrieb Steffen <>:

>>> All that said: I do not want to make more changes to mod_md before a release. If we find a >>> serious error, sure. But otherwise I'd rather enhance the documentation for now.

>> Looks here you are bikeshedding my reports/requests (again). What is serious, an introduction with too much user questions is not good. Consider me as a user in this case.

>> I spend tons of hours in testing mod_md (I am not paid). My only goal was to get quality and a usable function set for our users, and not to frustrate you. Looks you are only interested now to get it in httpd as quickly as possible, I can only guess the reason for your pressing.

To be completely honest, the above sentences are not really nice to read, but I do think that there was no intention to send strong statements, only to suggest improvements. From my point of view, both of you are bringing up valid points:

1) Stefan is saying that we should not concentrate on all the things that can be improved before this first release, but on serious error conditions that could indicate a broken behavior for our users. The MDNotifyCmd endless retry (if I got the context correctly) is surely something to improve in the future, but it is such a difficult subject (executing scripts in response to an event and figure out what is an error and what is not) to get right straight away, that it might be enough for the moment (in my opinion) to release now and then get all the feedback from a broader users community (the one testing latest 2.4.x versions).

2) Steffen is trying to avoid confusion for our users when dealing with a directive that might raise some questions due to also to the fact that the docs do not state exactly what should be the right behavior.

Thanks to both for all the work that you are doing, I hope to see some consensus soon :)


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