> Am 12.01.2018 um 12:32 schrieb Steffen <i...@apachelounge.com>:
> Now mod_md contains features which are not supported anymore ! 
> For SSL only config mod_md is not usable anymore, see 
> https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/2018-01-11-update-regarding-acme-tls-sni-and-shared-hosting-infrastructure/50188
> Propose to change mod_md regarding above, now I vote -1.

You want to veto the backport? Really? I think the project deserves
a more detailed rationale for such a decision.

> On windows I advise LE-Win-Simple with its selfhosting option when you have 
> SSL only. 

This is not one or the other. We also support several mpm modules, based
on individual needs.

If you have a personal grudge against me, the project and its product is
a poor way to play it out. You let everyone who wants to make good use
of mod_md, and there are people asking, suffer because it does not do what 
you personally need on your site? What egocentric logic is that?

For the record: mod_md is one of the ACME clients that behaves gracefully under
the recent TLS-SNI disable and people who have port 80 open, have to do
nothing for the certificate renewal/signup to continue working.

If you want to improve any Apache functionality, provide code changes
or, at least, constructive feedback. You are not here to sit on the 
fence and snipe at people's work.


> Op 12 jan. 2018 om 12:14 heeft Stefan Eissing <stefan.eiss...@greenbytes.de> 
> het volgende geschreven:
>> Team,
>> the frequency that people keep on asking me when ACME 
>> support in Apache will be released is going up. For 
>> this to happen, two backports need 1(!) more vote:
>> 1. core/mod_ssl: Add new flag int to module struct.
>>     existing votes: icing, ylavic
>> 2. mod_md: backport of ACME (Let's Encrypt) support. 
>>     existing votes: icing, jim
>> Is anyone planning to review this in the next days? Maybe,
>> since everyone has limited time, coordinating this might
>> be helpful?
>> Hoping to hear back from you.
>> Cheers,
>> Stefan

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