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> In order to find the slot, we need to strcmp. 512 is arbitrary, does this
> become an 8192 byte identifier? Or do we insist people distill names to
> fit into a schema, much like DNS or file names, as the *identifier*?

Right now the identifier is the URL prefix, and that URL prefix is imposed on 
our users externally - we can’t insist people do anything, because that 
anything will be “use a different server”.

If the value is a hostname, then it needs to conform to RFC1035 (255 chars + 

If the value is an URL (such as the name of each balancer) then we need to be 
at least 255 chars for the hostname in the URL, plus space for the rest of the 
URL. We could dynamically do this by following LimitRequestLine but that might 
be tricky, and we recommend people don’t fiddle with LimitRequestLine anyway.

My suggestion is we extend the struct with a name_ex (or name2) and a 
hostname_ex that have 8192 and 256 respectively. This is backportable, and 
won’t fail in any server with default LimitRequestLine.


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