Hi list,

I'm working on PR 62220 and I don't understand what could cause the reported regression.

Apparently the behavior of RemoteIPInternalProxyList has changed in 2.4.33. But RemoteIPInternalProxy (without List) still works as expected.

Looking at the implementation of the 2 directives, RemoteIPInternalProxyList is equivalent to several RemoteIPInternalProxy directives. So why one should stop working and not the other?

After some debugging, it appeared that removing the EXEC_ON_READ from RemoteIPInternalProxyList makes it work as expected again.

My question are:
- why is RemoteIPInternalProxyList defined with EXEC_ON_READ? This makes nearly no cense so me.
  - BUT if removing it is the solution, why was it working before???

Any hint?


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