Scanners at $dayjob (and reports on security@) frequently report that
built-in error documents suffer from non-xss HTML injection from the
request URL.

Here are a few options to silencing these scans/reports:

[ ] remove the URL's
[ ] truncate them
[ ] put them in HTML comments
[ ] use CSS to make some <spoiler>-like tag
[ ] use CSS to make the URL non-selectable/copyable
[ ] base64 encode the URL's and surround with some text that says its
only useful for the webserver administrator.
[ ] use r->the_request or r->unparsed_uri or re-encode the decoded URI
so spaces can't be used.

I was initially leaning towards the CSS options, but after tinkering
with a spoiler tag you still have something tempting to copy/paste.

Now I am thinking base64  + html comments is the best. This does make
screenshots of error documents kind of useless, but we still have
access logs.

We could also make all of this configurable so whatever obfuscates the
URL could provide different methods.

Any other ideas / preferences?

Eric Covener

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